Rough draft

Intelligence is expressed in many different ways. People have many different ways of showing there intelligence.There are people in the world that think intelligence is only smartness and that is not true.Intelligence is more than just smarts. Intelligence affects a person’s life in a variety of ways such as,how they act in public places , also how they act with other people around them, and how they are as a person. Emotional intelligence, Personal intelligence, and many other intelligences play a big part in your life.

Emotional intelligence is a big factor in your life, without it you will act out a lot, it will affect with how you act with people, and who you are as a person. In the passage “why is emotional intelligence important to teens” it states, “ Your level of emotional intelligence is your ability to understand and recognize your own emotions and responses. Basically, it’s your level of self-awareness. It’s being able to control, manage, and adjust your mood,emotions, and responses through self-management.” (Emotional intelligence) this shows that without emotional intelligence you would not be able to interact with the world as much as the average human would. The emotional intelligence is more important than your IQ. Experts have discovered that a person’s EQ is not only a more efficient of the quality of many relationships, but also an effective predictor for success and overall happiness. So without an EQ you would not be happy or not have that much success.

Although there are so many intelligences that can impact your life in a good or bad way personal intelligence is a big trait to have. Personal intelligence addresses questions like who you spend time with, who you want to work with, and who you want ask for help. we use personal intelligence to solve basic problems of our life. If we can understand our problem-solving we may be able to contribute to a more stable and functional society. In the text “ Is Personal Intelligence Important?” ,it states, “If Cory is sympathetic to others and modest, we can use our personal intelligence to deduce that he cooperates with others and is less likely to be highly emotional. If Conner is arrogant and unfriendly, we may also evaluate him as untrustworthy. When it comes time to ask a small favor of a friend, we’re more likely to choose to ask Cory than Conner.” ( Is Pmotional Intelligence Important? )This is saying that our mind evaluates people on their personality and how they act with other people and that we would more likely choose the more trustworthy and honest person rather that the untrustworthy and out of control person.

In the story, “Flowers for Algernon” Charlie Gordon was 37 years old and he has a brain defect and he never really learned how to spell or read or interact with the world. All of the people that he thought were his friends always made fun of him. Charlie wanted a surgery to make him get smart and that is all he ever wanted, to get smart. He got the surgery and over time he started to spell better, read better and he started to realize how people treated him. Charle shares,

“Then when I got up I saw the look on Joe’s face and it gave me a funny
feeling in my stomack. “He’s a scream,” one of the girls said. Everybody
was laughing.
Frank said, “I ain’t laughed so much since we sent him off for the
newspaper that night at Muggsy’s and ditched him.”
“Look at him. His face is red.”
“He’s blushing. Charlie is blushing.”
“Hey, Ellen, what’d you do to Charlie? I never saw him act like that before.” Now I know what it means when they say “to pull a Charlie Gordon.”
I’m ashamed.” ( Flowers for Algernon)

now that charlie got the surgery he has seen how cruel the people he thought were his friends were. He has emotional intelligence and personal intelligence, he now knows how it feels to be made fun of and that made him sad. He made the decision to leave town to start over.

Intelligence is everywhere in your life. Whether it is emotional, personal, or smartness each and every one of those can help you in life. Without some of these you will not be able to be successful, happy, interact with people or even do simple things.